Who are we?

Ofwat (the Water Services Regulation Authority) is the economic regulator of the water and wastewater sectors in England and Wales.

Safe, reliable and sustainable water and wastewater services are essential for our day-to-day lives, our wellbeing, and our natural world.

The water sector faces significant challenges including population growth, changing customer expectations and climate change. Customers are increasingly concerned about environmental harm, including carbon emissions, pollution, and the need to use water wisely. At the same time, the impact of cost-of-living pressures has amplified concerns about affordability, with households facing unprecedented pressures on their finances.

Our role is to enable, incentivise and hold water companies to account for providing the very best for customers, society, and the environment, both now and into the future. We also oversee the markets that exist in the water sector to make sure they are working for customers. Our ambition is for water companies to provide outstanding customer service; to improve the environment and to enhance life through water, both now and into the future. We use all our existing regulatory tools, and develop new ones, including building our influence, data and insight to achieve these goals.

Our vision is to improve life through water. We plan to deliver this through

  • ensuring that the sector delivers everyday excellence in providing water and wastewater services to customers, responding to their changing demand.
  • ensuring that companies take long-term stewardship of the environment, their assets, and their customer relations.
  • ensuring that the industry adds value, whether through value for money for customers or adding to the quality of life or the state of the environment.

Our strategic goals, Time to act, together, focuses on bringing our vision to life.

To transform water company performance, to drive companies to meet long term challenges through increased collaboration and partnerships and for water companies to provide greater public value, delivering more for cusomers, society and the environment

Delivering these goals will help to meet customers’ needs: ensure reliable and safe water supplies today with a better environment; affordable bills; and a resilient and sustainable future for water. As we do this, we will be working to fulfil the UK and Welsh Governments’ strategic priorities for Ofwat and UK and Welsh Government policy. This is an exciting time to join and ride the wave!

Our work is high-profile and fast-moving, within a dynamic and agile environment and this means we need people with a range of skills and experience.

The work we do is complex and has direct implications for the customers and the environment. You’ll be given the opportunity to demonstrate your potential from the outset and your desire to learn will see you relish the opportunity!

See how you can be part of this journey.