Bioresources average household bill

We want customers to understand how much they could pay for bioresources services. Therefore, we are publishing each company’s projected average bioresources bill per household over the 2020 to 2025 period[1]. This will make this information more accessible. We are also showing this as a share of each water company’s wholesale wastewater bill.

Map of England and Wales displaying the annual average bioresources bill per household 2020-25, within each water company region

*HDD = Hafren Dyfrdwy


Bioresources Average Household Bill (annual average over 2020-2025) Share of Wholesale Wastewater Bill*
Hafren Dyfrdwy £32.45 25%
Anglian Water £28.31 14%
Yorkshire Water £26.33 14%
South West Water £25.13 10%
United Utilities £24.62 13%
Thames Water £23.01 17%
Wessex Water £20.82 11%
Welsh Water £20.51 9%
Southern Water £19.98 10%
Severn Trent £14.94 10%
Northumbrian Water £12.99 9%

*NB the wholesale wastewater bill does not include retail costs.


Further details of water companies’ overall bills and performance can be found on Discover Water and our Service and Delivery Report.

[1] Figures are real terms (17/18 FYA CPIH) based on our PR19 determinations.