We can make new appointments for the supply of water and sewerage services for a defined area. This includes varying an existing appointment to cover a new area. Once appointed, the new appointee has the same responsibilities as the existing appointed water companies.

New appointments can be applied for under three different criteria

  • The unserved criterion, for an area that is not currently served by an existing appointed company. This includes an area that may currently be supplied by an unregulated or private supply with its own source of water. This criterion must be met separately for both water and sewerage, if the application for a new appointment is to provide both services.
  • The large user criterion, for an area in which each of the premises of one or more customers will to be supplied with at least 50 megalitres (Ml) of water in England or 250 Ml of water in Wales in any 12-month period. The same criterion applies to new appointments for sewerage services (for the amount of water supplied, not effluent discharged).
  • The consent criterion, for when an existing appointed water company consents to transfer that area to a new appointee.

The majority of appointments are for unserved areas. However, applications for single large user sites and by agreement with the existing appointed water company have also been successful.