Company bid assessment frameworks

We require water companies to produce bid assessment frameworks in order to support bids, encourage innovation and give confidence to potential third party providers in the water bidding market. Appendix 9 of our 2019 price review final methodology sets out our expectations and the principles that water companies must comply with in their bid assessment frameworks.

Water companies must submit draft copies of their bid assessment frameworks to us alongside their business plans in September 2018. We will then review them under our markets and innovation tests as part of our review of the plans and may request companies to resubmit. After we publish final determinations on company business plans in 2019 we expect water companies to publish their final bid assessment framework.

To ensure these frameworks are accessible to potential third party providers, we will provide links to them below.

Water company Website link
Affinity Water  
Anglian Water  
Bristol Water  
Cambridge Water  
Dee Valley Water  
Dŵr Cymru  
Northumbrian Water  
Portsmouth Water  
SES Water  
Severn Trent Water  
South East Water  
Southern Water  
South Staffordshire Water  
South West Water  
Thames Water  
United Utilities  
Wessex Water  
Yorkshire Water