Water resources market information

We require water companies to publish key information in a consistent format in order to support the bidding market for water resources, demand management and leakage services. Our water resources market information guidance sets out our expectations and requirements.

The market information is published alongside a water company’s draft water resources management plan (WRMP). Water companies are required to update the market information in line with their final WRMP within one month of publication. They will then periodically update during the next planning period.

Water company data is provided in a standard template in Excel format. In line with water resources planning, it is available on a water resource zone (WRZ) basis (the largest area of a water company’s supply system where all customers have the same supply risk). As in WRMPs, data is available over a 25 years at a minimum. Alongside the data spreadsheets, water companies will also publish a WRZ boundary file that can be imported to a Geographical Information System (GIS), such as an ESRI Shapefile.

Below we have linked to the relevant water company website where this market information is published.

Water company Website link
Affinity Water
Anglian Water
Bristol Water
Cambridge Water
Dee Valley Water
Dŵr Cymru
Essex & Suffolk Water
Northumbrian Water
Portsmouth Water
SES Water
Severn Trent Water  Water resources market information
South East Water
Southern Water
South Staffordshire Water
South West Water
Thames Water Water resources market information
United Utilities
Wessex Water
Yorkshire Water