Getting help with your innovation

StreamLine is a regulatory advice service for innovators and businesses in England and Wales, run jointly by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Environment Agency and Ofwat to support innovation.

As well as StreamLine, there are organisations you can contact to get your help with innovation.

  • Individual water and wastewater companies and water retailers may be interested in working with you to develop your innovation further. Get their contact details below.
  • Spring is the water sector’s innovation centre of excellence which launched in December 2021.  They provide information about different funding routes, share contacts, knowledge and expertise and run challenges to address issues the sector faces.
  • Ofwat runs innovation competitions, where you can partner with a water company to win funding for your innovation.
  • Water UK is the representative body for water companies and retailers in the UK.
  • Supply chain membership associations, such as Future Water Association and British Water,  can put you in touch with other suppliers or provide advice on how to become a supplier in the water sector.
  • Many UK Universities offer innovation spaces or support. UK Universities represents over 140 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Innovate UK is the UK innovation agency. They can provide advice and support for innovating in the UK.
  • Private investors and innovation catapults may also invest in your innovation for a share of any profits. You should seek professional financial or legal advice before entering into any agreement.
  • For advice about environmental regulation in Wales, please contact Natural Resources Wales,
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own economic and environmental regulators.

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