StreamLine terms of service

StreamLine is a regulatory advice service for innovators and businesses in England and Wales, run jointly by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Environment Agency and Ofwat to support innovation.

We aim to provide non-binding regulatory advice on current rules and regulations relating to:

  • overall legislation, rules and regulation of water
  • regulation and monitoring of drinking water quality
  • regulation and monitoring of environmental quality
  • economic and service regulation of public water and wastewater services

Your enquiry will be shared and responded to by:

  • Drinking Water Inspectorate: the drinking water quality regulator for England and Wales.
  • Environment Agency: the environmental regulator in England
  • Ofwat: the economic regulator of water and wastewater in England and Wales.

We’ll aim to respond within 10 working days for straightforward enquiries.  It may take up to 20 working days if we need further information from you or the query is complex. We will let you know if that is the case.

For advice on environmental regulations in Wales please contact Natural Resources Wales.

There are different regulators for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For help in Scotland, please contact the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS).

Drinking water quality is regulated in Scotland by Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (dwqr) and their website is: Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (

For help in Northern Ireland, please contact the Utility Regulator.

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