Service and delivery 2017-18

At the 2014 price review we required water and wastewater companies (‘companies’) to engage with their customers about:

  • the services customers wanted their company to deliver over the long term (‘outcomes’);
  • the specific levels of service they expected companies to deliver (‘performance commitments’); and
  • the value of any outperformance payments and underperformance penalties (‘outcome delivery incentives’ or ‘ODIs’) companies would incur for exceeding or failing them

We then set the price, investment (expenditure) and service package that customers receive within the 2015-20 price control period. Each company must report annually on their expenditure and outcome delivery in an annual performance report (APR).

This report provides comparative information on expenditure (totex) and outcomes delivered to customers reported in the APRs of the 17 largest companies within England and Wales and considers performance against the commitments each agreed at PR141. The comparisons within this report are intended to supplement the information in companies’ APRs to highlight areas of good and poor performance. This information will help us – and stakeholders such as customer groups, environmental groups and investors – to hold companies and the sector to account.

In addition to the information reported by companies in their APRs in the financial years in the 2015-20 period to date, this report also uses publically available information published by Water UK on the Discover Water.

Download the service and delivery report for 2017-18
Download the data for the service and delivery report 2017-18