Customer challenge groups

This page provides information about the local independent company Customer Challenge Groups (CCGs) including

  • the role of the CCGs at the next price review
  • links to the individual CCG web pages (where currently available)
  • information on the quarterly workshops we hold with CCG Chairs

The focus on customer engagement and outcomes was one of the 2014 price review’s key successes. As set out in Water 2020: our regulatory approach for water and wastewater services in England and Wales, it is an important feature we propose retaining for the 2019 price review.  We expect companies to continue to be responsible for engaging directly with their customers as they are best placed to develop a genuine understanding of their customers’ needs and requirements. And to use this information to develop robust, customer-focused business plans and provide excellent levels of service to all customers.

Acknowledging the improvements to the quality of customer engagement achieved by companies and the CCGs, we expect companies to deliver further improvements to the quality of their customer engagement at the 2019 price review.  This expectation will be reflected in the standards we apply when we assess business plan quality as part of our risk-based review.

CCG role

Each company will have in place, and support, an independent CCG.  The CCGs have an important role helping the sector to achieve our long term vision of putting customers at the heart of the way companies run their businesses.

CCGs will be responsible for providing independent challenge to companies and independent assurance to us on:

  • the quality of a company’s customer engagement
  • the degree to which the results of this engagement are driving decision making and are reflected in the company’s plan

Further information on the CCG process at PR19, including the scope of the role, membership and governance arrangements is included in our customer engagement policy statement.  This statement builds on and supersedes our 2011 customer engagement policy statement.

We have also provided the CCGs with an “aide memoire” of their role at PR19. The aide memoire covers: the main points of the customer engagement policy statement for CCGs; how we will take account of CCG reports at PR19; and the sections of our PR19 Final Methodology that are most relevant to CCGs.

Links to further information on individual CCGs

You can find out more about the CCGs – including membership details, terms of reference and meeting notes – on the companies’ websites:

Quarterly Ofwat / CCG Chair workshops

As the economic regulator for water and waste water services in England and Wales, our role is to inform, enable and incentivise good quality customer engagement that drives decision making. To avoid diverting attention away from customers and towards the regulator, we will provide clarity on our expectations, but we will not provide prescriptive guidance on how companies engage with their customers or how CCGs carry out their role.

We maintain regular contact with CCGs in two ways: through regular CCG chair workshops  and through email communication with CCG chairs, updating them on issues or new developments. The slides from the workshops that we have held post PR14 can be found here:

Further information

Where possible and appropriate, we will provide information and more clarity on our expectations earlier in the price setting process to enable more effective customer engagement. We also think it is important companies are transparent with customers about their relative levels of performance by using comparative information with consistent definitions. Such information can empower customers and result in more effective challenges, including from CCGs.

As we move towards PR19, this page will continue to develop in order to provide a central resource of information for and about CCG’s.