Draft determinations

We set high expectations for water companies at the 2019 price review.

We pushed them to go further than ever before, improving efficiency, customer service and resilience.

We encouraged them to look well beyond the next five years to meet the needs of future customers – and to protect and improve the natural environment.

Delivering to a higher standard

Companies submitted their business plans to us in September 2018, based on the methodology we set out in December 2017.

Three companies – Severn Trent Water, South West Water and United Utilities – submitted plans that set a new standard for the sector. Other than some limited interventions, these plans were ready to implement, so we awarded these companies with ‘fast-track’ status.

Other companies, whose original plans required more significant interventions, submitted revised plans to us on 1 April 2019. We published their draft determinations on 18 July 2019.

Slow track and significant scrutiny draft determinations

Fast track draft determinations


Slow track and significant scrutiny draft determinations

You can watch the investor briefing below:

You can read the transcript here.

Affinity Water

Anglian Water

Bristol Water

Dŵr Cymru

Hafren Dyfrdwy

Northumbrian Water

Portsmouth Water

SES Water

South East Water

South Staffs Water

Southern Water

Thames Water

Wessex Water

Yorkshire Water


Late draft determination models

PR19 reconciliation models

Updated financial model and rulebook

Historical versus PR19 totex comparison table

Additional documents

Responses to the consultation

The deadline for making representations on the draft determinations of the slow track and significant scrutiny water companies is 10 am on 30 August 2019.

This deadline is set in order for us to have sufficient time to give conscientious consideration to representations ahead of making our final determinations, which will be published on 11 December 2019Full detailed guidance on how to respond can be found on the page linked below.

Guidance for representations on draft determinations

Fast track draft determinations

Severn Trent Water

South West Water

United Utilities


Early draft determination models

PR19 reconciliation models

Additional documents

PR19 draft determinations: Our methodology for the classification of bioresources costs

PR19 draft determinations: Glossary

Final draft determinations

To be published December 2019.