Approval of transfer schemes

From 1 April 2017, undertakers whose areas are wholly or mainly in England will be able to exit the business retail market and transfer their retail business customers to a holder of a water supply and sewerage licence (Acquiring Licensee).

As part of the retail exit process, Undertakers can transfer property, rights and liabilities to an Acquiring Licensee using a Transfer Scheme to ensure such property and assets in England and Wales and rights or liabilities under the law of England and Wales are effectively transferred. An example of where a Transfer Scheme may be used is where certain property, rights and liabilities would not otherwise be transferable without the renegotiation of terms and conditions.

Information note 16/10

Information note 16/10 published in November 2016 explains Transfer Schemes in this instance.

Publication of Transfer Schemes

Confirmation of our approval of each Transfer Scheme will be published on this page. The confirmation will simply identify the Parties as we do not propose to publish any Transfer Schemes.

Approved Transfer Schemes

  • Southern Water Services Ltd and Scottish Water Business Stream Ltd
  • Anglian Water Services Ltd and Anglian Water (Business) National Ltd
  • Affinity Water Ltd and Affinity for Business (Retail) Ltd
  • Bristol Water Plc and Water 2 Business Ltd
  • Northumbrian Water Ltd and NWG Business Ltd
  • South Staffordshire Water Plc and SSWB Ltd
  • Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc and Sutton and East Surrey Water Services Ltd
  • South West Water Ltd and Pennon Water Services Ltd
  • Thames Water Utilities Ltd and Castle Water Ltd
  • United Utilities Water Ltd and Water Plus Ltd
  • Wessex Water Services Ltd and Water 2 Business Ltd
  • South East Water Limited and Invicta Water Limited
  • Severn Trent Water Limited and Water Plus Limited
  • Yorkshire Water Services Limited and Scottish Water Business Stream Limited

Assurance Statements

Ofwat has established a self-certification approval process whereby applications for approval of a Transfer Scheme are supported by:

Assurance Statement by an Exiting Undertaker

Consent and Assurance Statement by an Acquiring Licensee

Please send applications for approval of a Transfer Scheme, including draft Schemes, and supporting documents, together with any questions to [email protected].