Negotiating with new entrants

If you are an appointed water company you have a duty to provide access to your supply systems on reasonable terms. This involves:

  • publishing on your website an access code that is clear, reasonable and compliant with our guidance and updating it annually or when we update our guidance.
  • producing indicative prices for access to your supply systems, publishing these on your website and updating them annually.
  • complying with all the relevant guidance documents that we have published, including the customer transfer protocol, which provides a clear, simple and standardised process for the timely and efficient transfer of customers between suppliers.

If you want to compete as a licensee, you need to set up an associate company. Your licence will allow you to operate anywhere in England and Wales except in your own supply region. If you are interested in doing so then you should refer to our section on becoming a water supply licensee and our guidance on applying for a water supply licence.

Access codes

Access codes which set out how appointed water companies offer to provide access to their water supply systems. Companies should comply with our guidance on access codes and update them when we update our guidance.