Draft methodology

PR24 4 themes

Creating tomorrow, together

Water is central to our existence. How the water sector performs now and into the future matters for all of us and our environment.

We have listened to people’s concerns and ambitions for the water sector. We understand the urgency of the environment and climate change challenges, and that customers need reliable and resilient services. We are also conscious of the pressure on people’s finances, and the need to find new and innovative ways of delivering now and into the future.

Key ambitions


We have set out our proposals to drive companies to deliver value for customers and the environment, and to meet four key ambitions for PR24:

  • Focusing on the long term with stronger adaptive planning to deliver the right investment to meet immediate and long-term challenges when the future is uncertain, as well as holding companies to account for the improvements that they need to deliver.
  • Delivering greater environmental and social value, including by acting immediately on river water quality, moving faster towards net zero, as well as working differently into the future to adopt more catchment – and nature-based solutions.
  • Reflecting a clearer understanding of customers and communities with open meetings on companies’ plans, more robust research to ensure customers’ voices are heard and better understood, and wider engagement with partners.
  • Driving improvements through efficiency and innovation and rewarding companies that help set the benchmark for resilient, affordable services for all.

Read more about the PR24 Draft methodology in the overview document or in more detail, in the consultation document.

All of the PR24 Draft methodology documents can be found here, while presentations and speeches are here.

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders on our draft methodology by 7 September 2022. We will take account of these views in finalising the methodology before the end of the year.

PR24 timeline

We have set out a number of milestones for PR24.

Additional documents

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