PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together

It is clear the water sector faces profound challenges in the coming years and decades, from climate change to growing customer expectations, and concerns about affordability.

Now is the time for action to ensure that these challenges are met, and we deliver our vision of improving life through water.

Creating tomorrow, together

We’ve shared our ideas and ambitions for the 2024 price review.

We’ve set out four ambitions for what PR24 can achieve for customers and the environment, and principles for how we’ll approach and design the price review.

There will be opportunities to talk to us more over the coming year and you can continue to tell us your ideas via our Future Ideas Lab.

We will publish the PR24 draft methodology on 7 July 2022.

A graphic explaining the key challenges facing the water sector. A pink circle at the top contains the text 'customer expectations on service, society and the environment'. A blue water drop graphic on the right side contains 'affordability challenges'. A blue globe symbol on the left contains 'climate change'. A green jigsaw piece overlaps all the graphics in the centre, containing Ofwat's ambitions for the next price review which read 'focus on the long term; understanding customers and communities; environmental and social value; efficiency and innovation'.
PR24 challenges and ambitions


PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together

PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together – executive summary

PR24 a thu hwnt Creu yfory, gyda’n gilydd – crynodeb gweithredol

PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together – consultation responses



PR24 and Beyond: Creating tomorrow, together. Appendix – Examining the boundary of the targeted control for water resources

PR24 and Beyond: Creating tomorrow, together. Appendix – Reflecting customers’ preferences


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