Future Ideas Lab

The Future Ideas Lab is a place for anyone to submit their ideas on how Ofwat could evolve the price review to meet the challenges faced by the water sector.

In May 2021, we shared our ideas and ambitions for the 2024 price review (PR24) in PR24 and beyond: Creating together, tomorrow and set out four ambitions for what PR24 can achieve for customers and the environment, and principles for how we’ll approach and design the price review.

In December 2020, we published PR24 and beyond: Future challenges and opportunities for the water sector, where we set out that the sector faces profound challenges over the coming years and decades. As a regulator, these are Ofwat’s challenges too. But we also see great opportunities for the sector to deliver better outcomes for customers, the environment, and wider society.

PR24 a thu hwnt: Heriau a chyfleoedd y dyfodol ar gyfer y sector dŵr

As we look ahead to PR24, we’re thinking about how best to deliver our strategy, Time To Act, Together, through the price review. We’re also considering the lessons learnt from PR19 and before, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. With these in mind, we welcome contributions on the following twelve key questions for the sector:

  1. What could the water sector look like in 2040, and how can Ofwat and water companies work towards that vision?
  2. How do we best regulate to help companies to achieve long-term goals such as adapting to climate change, reducing leakage, improving water efficiency and delivery of net zero?
  3. How do we encourage companies to ensure services are affordable for all, both now and in the longer term?
  4. How can we encourage companies to innovate and to take advantage of technological change to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve resilience, service and the environment?
  5. How do we encourage companies to improve service to customers and operational resilience?
  6. How can we encourage companies to best take account of customer needs and priorities, while ensuring services are comparable across companies?
  7. What, if any, could the role of the price review be in encouraging or incentivising companies to better deliver public value?
  8. How do we better use markets to deliver better value to customers and the environment?
  9. How can we best account for specific issues, circumstances and Government policies/priorities in England and Wales?
  10. How can we best align the interests of investors with delivering for customers, the environment and society?
  11. How do we encourage companies to collaborate and work in partnership with others, such as on nature-based solutions, to better achieve outcomes for customers and the environment?
  12. How can we simplify the price review while increasing value to customers, the environment and wider society?

How to contribute

To make a contribution, please complete our form and upload your submission. We will publish submissions on this page. We have not set a deadline for contributions and continue to welcome ideas from across the water sector and beyond.

For any queries, please email [email protected].

Submissions to the PR24 Future Ideas Lab

Companies, stakeholders and customers have begun to contribute their ideas for how we can evolve the price review. The submissions we have received so far are linked below.

Afonydd Cymru

Adam Collinson



Andrew Beardon

Bill Cutting, chartered engineer

Bristol Water

Cam Valley Forum

Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

Citizens Advice

Ian Armitage

PJM Economics – Valuing water and wastewater service improvements via impact-weighted numbers of service failures

PJM Economics – Sensitivity to scope of water and wastewater service valuations: A meta-analysis of findings from water price reviews in Great Britain

Salmon and Trout Conservation

Sia Partners – Public Value evaluation and integration into PR24. A contribution to the PR24 Future Ideas Lab

Sustainability First

Technical assurer (anonymous)

United Utilities – A review of options for further market participation in bioresources

United Utilities – Asset health in the water sector – framework proposal

United Utilities – Developing a National Approach to Customer Research

United Utilities submission – The Principles of Regulatory Cost Assessment

United Utilities – WINEP review discussion paper


Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water – Capitals-based incentives