Self-supply FAQs

Who is eligible to self-supply?

A WSSL limited to self-supply will only be granted to supply premises supplied or served using the supply or sewerage system of an appointed company whose area of appointment is wholly or mainly in England. A WSSL limited to self-supply is not available to provide services to premises supplied using the supply system of an appointed company whose area of appointment is wholly or mainly in Wales.

For more information on switching and whether self-supply is the right option for you please see the Open Water website

If I am granted a self-supply licence, how long will it last?

Self-supply licences do not expire. If a self-supply licensee no longer wishes to hold self-supply licences they would need to contact Ofwat to discuss licence revocation.

Where can I find more information about the codes?

Please see our market codes page.

How will my application be assessed?

Please see our application process page.

How long does the application process take?

Once we have received a complete application the application process will take around 45 working days to complete. Please note this is an indicative timescale.

Who is the market operator?

For more information please visit our application process page or the MOSL website. If you have any questions relating to the MEAC process, we direct you to contact MOSL.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is £3,000. The application fee is intended to cover the average cost incurred by Ofwat in processing each application. It does not include any provision for the ongoing costs of regulating licensees.

Who can I provide services to as a self-supplier?

A self-supplier can only supply its own premises and the premises of people or companies associated with it. Self-suppliers are not able to supply retail services to premises of third parties, such as supplying other business customers unrelated to its own business.

Do I need to submit a letter of authority?

If you wish to use a third party to help you with your application or another aspect of your self-supply licence we require a Letter of Authority from you. The Letter of Authority should detail the named third party is acting and the extent of the third party’s authority.

I have a question which isn’t covered here; who can I contact for more information?

For more information please contact [email protected] . We will be able to help with any questions that you have on the application process. In addition, we are able to review draft applications and provide feedback before final submission.

Where can I find details on the wholesale charges?

Under the market codes each wholesaler has to produce a wholesale tariff document containing details of their charges. The section of the business terms is Section D part 8 of the Charges and Wholesale Tariff Document.  The operational terms state: Should the Wholesaler wish to charge the Retailer, or make any payment to it, in respect of any of the Wholesale Services it provides under these Operational Terms, then such Non-Primary Charges or payments must be set out within its Wholesale Tariff Document, consistent with the Business Terms.

How can I get an update on my application?

The application will be allocated to a licence lead when received. You should direct any questions to the lead in the first instance.