Licence revocation

There are different circumstances under which we are able to revoke a licensee’s Water Supply and Sewerage Licence (WSSL).

Ofwat is able to revoke a licensee’s WSSL in accordance with a general authorisation given by the Secretary of State, in any of the circumstances specified under Standard Condition 10(2) of the WSSL standard licence conditions.

Process for revoking licences

If a licensee would like its licence revoked, it would need to formally contact Ofwat in writing or by email at setting out:

  • The specific circumstance(s) under which it is applying for its licence to be revoked (that is, which of the circumstances set out under Standard Condition 10(2) it is applying for a revocation under);
  • The reasons for which it would like its licence to be revoked;
  • Whether it has already contacted the market operator (MOSL) about the revocation;
  • Whether it has any outstanding transactions on the Central Market Operating System (CMOS);
  • How it intends to protect its existing customers if its licence is to be revoked; and
  • Whether there are any issues it considers to be relevant to resolve before the licence is revoked and details of how it intends to deal with these.

Revoked licences

Below are the WSSLs which we have revoked to date.

Revoked Licences Date licences granted Date revocation came into effect Notices of Revocation
Cobalt Water Limited

Water supply licence and Sewerage licence

Granting of original licence

October  21 2016

24 August 2017 Notice of revocation of the WSSL of Cobalt Water Limited