PR24: Developing C-MeX and D-MeX

As we set out in our final methodology for the 2024 price review (PR24), we are reviewing the effectiveness of the customer measure of experience (C-MeX) and developer services measure of experience (D-MeX).

We introduced both mechanisms in PR19 with the aim of improving the experience of residential customers and developer services customers, including house builders, self-lay providers and new entrants.

We are keen to hear views from a range of stakeholders on:

  • how both mechanisms are currently performing in delivering their objectives; and
  • how these mechanisms could change for PR24.

Based on the feedback we receive, we will set out our policy proposals in the PR24 draft determinations, due to be published in mid-2024 for consultation, ahead of our PR24 final determinations in December 2024. Our final policy decisions will take effect from April 2025.

Key questions

Our initial focus is on the following high-level design issues:

  • Coverage: which customer groups should be within each mechanism?
  • Incentive design: should C-MeX and D-MeX remain as relative incentives?
  • Cross-sector benchmarks: how should we use evidence of customer experience in other sectors to challenge water companies? (C-MeX only)
  • Quantitative metrics: do the quantitative metrics within D-MeX cover relevant activities and are they sufficiently stretching? (D-MeX only)

The following slidepacks provide more detail on these issues and considerations:

See our PR24 working groups and workshops page for related materials

We intend to develop our approach following consideration of these high-level design issues.

Please email [email protected] to provide feedback or arrange to speak with us.


Date Activity
December 2022 Confirm we will retain and review C-MeX and D-MeX in the PR24 final methodology
February – May 2023 Engage with stakeholders on high-level design issues, including through meetings, workshops and working groups
Summer 2023 Publish companies’ C-MeX and D-MeX performance for 2022-23
Summer 2023 – Spring 2024 Potentially engage with stakeholders on detailed implementation issues
May/June 2024 Consult on proposals in the PR24 draft determinations
Summer 2024 Publish companies’ C-MeX and D-MeX performance for 2023-24
December 2024 Publish decisions in the PR24 final determinations
April 2025 Changes to C-MeX and D-MeX take effect