Code modifications

Ofwat has the power to approve or reject code modifications. Recommendations to approve or reject code modifications are made by the panel, which is made up of elected members from wholesalers and retailers, plus three independent members appointed by Market Operating Services Limited (MOSL).

Below is a list of the code modification decisions we have made to date.

Reference Code modification Decision Date implemented
CPM001 Change Proposal Form Update Approved 3 July 2017
CPM003 Revised Market Incident Management Plan Committee Composition Approved 1 December 2017
CPM004 Board Nomination Process Extension Approved 15 September 2017
CPM006 Process for Urgent Change Proposals Approved 8 April 2020
CPM008 Redistribution of Market Performance Standards Charges Approved 29 March 2019
CPM009 Further Board Nomination Process Extension Approved 16 March 2018
CPM013 Voting Customer Representative Approved 20 September 2019
CPM014 Market Performance Standards Charges Redistribution Payment Clarification Approved 26 July 2019
CPM016 Panel Voting Majorities Approved 23 August 2019
CPM015 and CPW071 Market Arrangements Code and Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposals Rejected N/A
CPM018 Treatment of MPS & OPS Charges Approved 1 January 2020
CPM019 GDPR data security standards Approved 6 November 2020
CPM022 Reducing panel quorum Approved with modification 7 October 2020
CPM024 Urgent: Housekeeping alignment of CPM020 with CPM023 Approved 1 April 2020
CPM039 / CPW124 Revisions to panel composition Approved 1 September 2021
CPM040 and CPW121 MAC and WRC principles Approved 1 September 2021
CPM026 Panel Chairman and Alternate Approved 28 August 2020
CPM028 Aligning MOSL Board Governance with the Articles of Association Approved 1 September 2020
CPM030 Gender neutrality in the market codes Approved 6 November 2020
CPM034 Retailer panel member changes Approved 1 February 2021
CPM035 Market Arrangements Code Change Proposal – CPW035 – Panel election streamlining Rejected
CPM 038 / CPW 116 Clarification and removal of redundant clauses in the Unified Disputes Process Approved with modifications 1 September 2021
CPM045 / CPW127 Extending the right of the Market Operator to raise change proposals Approved 14 January 2022
CPM046 / CPW133 Market Arrangements Code/Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – CPM046 and CPW133 – Approved Codes of Practice Rejected
CPM047 Market Arrangements Code Change Proposal – Change to Panel quorum. Approved 14 January 2022
CPM048/CPW131 Suspending certain MPS charges pending full review of the MPF Rejected
CPM049 Market Arrangements Code Change Proposal – Ref CPM049 – MAC Housekeeping  Approved 03 March 2023 
CPM050 Data cleanse funding Approved 22 May 2023
CPM053/CW146 Change process improvements Approved with modifications to the legal text 18 December 2023
CPM054/CPW145 Wholesale Retail Code / Market Arrangements Code Change Proposal – Ref CPM054 & CPW145 – Deductions and withholdings under formal Disputes Process Revision required
CPM055 CMOS Data Escrow Approved 16 February 2024
CPM056 Resource support to industry groups Approved with modification 4 April 2024
CPM057 Late Payment of Market Operator Charges Approved 4 April 2024
CPM058a & CPW149a Market Performance Framework Reform (Governance) Approved 26 June 2024
CPW005 Wholesale Retail Code Inconsistency Approved 28 February 2019
CPW070b-1 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW070b-1 – Phase 3 – bilateral transactions Approved Additional functionality: 2 February 2022
B5 Process: 31 May 2022
CPW010 Emergency Contact Details Approved 28 December 2018
CPW012 Flags on D1 Disaggregated Settlement Report  Rejected
CPW013 Meter Reading Validation  Rejected
CPW014 CSD 0301 Updates Approved 18 May 2018*
CPW015 CSD 0101 Clarification Approved 2 October 2017
CPW016 CSD0104 Clarification – Meter Networks Approved 2 October 2017
CPW017 CSD0105 Clarifications and updates Approved 2 October 2017
CPW018 Clarification of Unsecured Credit Allowance Approved 23 April 2018
CPW019 Alternative eligible credit support Approved 31 July 2018
CPW020 Proposal to amend the wording in the F02 Complaint Form Approved 1 December 2017
CPW021 Negotiating Alternative Eligible Credit Support reasonably and in good faith Approved 14 July 2017
CPW022 New Connection Retailer Unknown Approved 18 May 2018*
CPW023 Market Entry and Re-Assurance Updates Approved 12 March 2018
CPW024 Settlement Renaming and Report Issuing Updates Approved 1 December 2017
CPW025 Extending TCORR Functionality for Inactive Data Items Approved 10 September 2018
CPW026 Removing SPID version design Approved 28 September 2018
CPW027 QC Error Code Approved 18 May 2018
CPW028 Unpaired SPIDs Approved 26 October 2018**
CPW029 & CPM007 GDPR and Data Protection Provisions Updates Approved 30 March 2018
CPW030 Market performance framework for 2018/19 Approved 29 March 2018
CPW031 Extending the new connection suspension period Approved 3 March 2018
CPW032 Amend H/04 to clarify the tariff effective date Approved 28 September 2018
CPW033 Meter effective to date field in MDS_METER report Approved 26 October 2018**
CPW034 Housekeeping changes to GDPR Personal Data warning Approved 25 May 2018
CPW035 F/01 Form amendments Approved 28 September 2018
CPW036 G/02 & G/03 Trade effluent form amendments and creation Approved 28 September 2018
CPW037 Removing the Error Codes list from CSD 0301 Approved 28 September 2018
CPW038 Tariffs Report updates Approved 17 May 2019
CPW039 Deferral of final settlement runs Approved, subject to modifications 31 August 2018
CPW040 Changes to the content of the NAPS report Approved 17 May 2019
CPW041 G read removal governance Approved 29 March 2019
CPW042 Provision of adding re-read flag into the MDS meter reads file Approved 17 May 2019
CPW043 Drafting clarifications for CPW028 Approved 26 October 2018
CPW044 Aligning the codes with market use of digital certificates Approved 3 December 2018
CPW045 Service management interface updates Approved 3 December 2018
CPW046 Changes to the unplanned settlement process Approved 3 December 2018
CPW047 Enabling Sewerage Wholesalers to create & manage meter networks Approved 26 July 2019
CPW048 Alternative payment terms Approved 19 December 2018
CPW049 & CPM012 Operational Performance Standards Review Approved 1 April 2019
CPW050 Changes to the long unread meters report Approved 26 July 2019
CPW051 Market Incident Management Plan amendments Approved 29 March 2019
CPW052 Improving the transparency of Alternative Credit Arrangements Approved 29 March 2019
CPW053 Market Operator Transaction Processing and Reporting Approved 17 May 2019
CPW054 Housekeeping Changes to Market Codes Approved 29 March 2019
CPW055 Wholesale Retail Code Inconsistency Approved 28 February 2019
CPW056 Cascade Erasure Approved 8 November 2019
CPW057 Improving the transparency of Credit Guarantee Arrangements Approved 30 September 2019
CPW058 Removing Processes A1-A5 (New Connections) Approved 26 July 2019
CPW059 Changes to Review Obligations Approved 15 February 2021
CPW060 Clarifying credit scores and ratings for the purposes of Unsecured Credit Allowances Approved 30 September 2019
CPW061 Unsecured Credit Allowance reflecting payment history Rejected
CPW062 Household indicator flag Rejected
CPW064 Changes to the Corrective Settlement Run for Individual Supply Points Approved 14 February 2020
CPW065 Retailer Notifications Approved 15 May 2020
CPW066 Estimation Review Approved 14 February 2020
CPW067 Bulk Submissions of Service Requests by MS Excel Revision required
CPW068 and CPM017 Market Incident Management Plan Committee Revisions Approved 28 August 2020
CPW069 Right of a Retailer to appoint and Accredited Entity Rejected
CPW070a / CPM043a Bilateral Transaction Programme

Bilateral Hub Submission Guidance

Superseded in in August 2022 CPW070f 22 September 2021
CPW070a-1 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal Approved 22 September 2021
CPW070c Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Phase 3 – bilateral transactions Approved 31 May 2022
CPW070d Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – CPW070d – bilateral transactions Approved 2 August 2022
CPW070e Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW070e – Phase 4 – bilateral transactions – Ofwat Rejected 3 August 2022
CPW070f Code Modification – Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal CPW070f – Phase 4 – Bilateral Transactions Approved 02 August 2022
CPW070g Code Modification – Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal CPW070g – Phase 6 – Bilateral Transactions Approved 29 November 2022
CPW072 Setting MPS15 Charges to Zero Approved 1 November 2019
CPW073 Updates to GDPR Personal Data Warnings in CSD0301 Approved 14 February 2020
CPW074 Introduction of a Retailer SLA in relation to submission of Trade Effluent market forms to Wholesalers Approved 28 August 2020
CPW075 Settlement Estimation Rejected
CPW077 Establishing trade effluent charging strength methodology Approved 6 November 2020
CPW078 and CPM020 Priority performance regime changes for April 2020 Approved 1 April 2020
CPW079 Protections for Credit Support Security Approved, subject to some amendments to legal drafting 14 February 2020
CPW080 Simplification of the default and termination process Rejected
CPW081 Improving Transparency of Alternative Payment Terms Approved 1 April 2020
CPW082 Gap Site Incentive Scheme Approved 1 April 2020
CPW083 Vacancy Incentive Scheme Approved 15 May 2020
CPW084 Introducing a Retailer Measure of Experience Approved 1 April 2020
CPW085 Premises Vacant transaction link to Discharge Point Identifier (DPID) Revision required N/A
CPW085 Premises vacant transaction link to Discharge Point Identifier (DPID) Approved with modifications 2 December 2022
CPW086 Unsecured Credit Allowance – Rebalancing Rejected N/A
CPW087  Ability for Wholesalers to add Meter Reads Approved 6 November 2020
CPW088 Enabling Wholesaler and Retailer to Update Meter Location Data and GIS X/Y Rejected N/A
CPW089 Adding billing address fields Approved 14 May 2021
CPW091 Temporary change to vacancy Approved 30 March 2020 at 08:00
CPW092 & CPM029 Unified Disputes Process and Committee Approved with modification 13 November 2020
CPW093 Intermin deferral of wholesale charges Approved 30 March 2020 at 08:00
CPW094 Temporary Change to Disconnections Approved 8 April 2020
CPW095 Maintaining the Credit Support Requirement Approved 08:00 on 16 April 2020
CPW096 Proposals to address liquidity challenges and
increases in bad debt
Details in decision document
CPW097 and CPM025 Suspension of Market Performance Standard Charges following an interim supply event Approved 1 July 2020
CPW098 and CPM027 Extension of Suspension of Market and Operational Performance Standard Charges Approved 1 June 2020
CPW099 Clarify the responsibilities of Trading Parties during a planned event Approved 14 May 2021
CPW100 Revision to Credit Support Requirement under CPW095 Rejected 5 August 2020
CPW101 (b) Change to Credit Support Requirements (as proposed in CPW101) Approved 5 August 2020
CPW102  Gender neutrality in the market codes Approved 6 November 2020
CPW104 Housekeeping changes to facilitate the Performance Regime introduced in April 2020 Approved 15 February 2021
CPW105 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW105 – Decision document Revision required 26 April 2021
CPW105 Provisions of information obligation Approved 26 August 2022
CPW106 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal Revision required / Consideration of other tools and/ or reform of the MPF
CPW107 Temporary Vacancy exemptions for credit support Approved 23 October 2020 at 08:00
CPW108 Agreement to Unplanned Settlement Runs Approved 26 January 2021
CPW109 Changing the constraints on customer reads Approved 9 July 2021
CPW110 & CPM041 Sharing non-household emergency contact details Rejected
CPW111 Housekeeping changes to align the codes with CMOS Approved 14 May 2021
CPW112 Clarifications to CSD 0102 and CSD 0105 Approved 14 May 2021
CPW113 Housekeeping changes to fix typographical errors and ensure standardisation Approved 14 May 2021
CPW114 and CPM037 Housekeeping changes to Market Terms, CSD’s and MAC Approved 14 May 2021
CPW115 Amending and updating the definition of Insolvency Event to remove the ‘negative net assets’ criterion Rejected
CPW117 Shortening the late payment default timeline for a credit support reduction Approved with modifications 5 November 2021
CPW118 Minimum Meter Read frequency Rejected
CPW119 &  CPM042 Wholesale Retail Code Change & Market Arrangements Code Change Proposals Approved 5 November 2021
CPW120 Final Meter Read where no visual read is available Approved with modifications 12 May 2023
CPW122 Code Modification – Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal CPW122 – Introducing Direct Debit as a payment method Rejected
CPW123 Improved codes for ‘remote read types’ Approved 13 May 2022
CPW126 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal1 – CPW126 – Settling of Post RF Primary Charges Approved 26 August 2022
CPW128 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW128 Updating Volume Validation Tolerance  Approved 12 May 2023
CPW 129 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW129 – Review of Post RF Materiality Threshold Rejected
CPW130 Transfer Reads Estimated Reason Codes  Approved 12 May 2023
CPW134 Clarifications to Default Provisions Approved 2 August 2022
CPW135 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW135 – WRC Housekeeping Approved 29 November 2022
CPW136 Drawing Credit Following Retailer Exit Approved 7 April 2023
CPW137 Interim Supply Allocation Customer Data Provision Approved with a modification to the legal text 27 October 2023
CPW138 Housekeeping changes post CPW070 & CPM043 Approved 20 June 2023
 CPW139a Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139a – Bilateral Hub (Phase 7) Approved  20 June 2023
CPW139b Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139b – Bilateral Hub (Phase 8) Approved 27 September 2023
CPW139c Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139c – Bilateral Hub (Phase 9) Approved 12 December 2023
CPW139d Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139d – Bilateral Hub (Phase 10) Approved 12 December 2023
CPW139e Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139e – Bilateral Hub (Phase 11) Approved 13 March 2024
CPW139f Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW139f – Bilateral Hub (Phase 12) Approved 26 June 2024
CPW141a Clarification of read definitions Approved 25 August 2023
CPW141b Clarification of Meter Chamber Ownership Approved 16 February 2024
CPW143 Wholesaler Maintenance of Yearly Volume Estimates for Non-Market Meters Approved 10 May 2024
CPW144 Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW144 Approved 18 December 2023
CPW147 MPS18 and MPS19 clarifications Approved 18 January 2024
CPW148 Transfer Read Notifications to Outgoing Retailers Approved 6 December 2024
CPM011 MOSL invoices and payment terms Approved 31 July 2018
CPM010 Amendments to the retailer board nomination process Approved 31 July 2018
CPM023 and CPW090 Suspension of Market and Operational Performance Charges Approved 23 March 2020 at 18:00
CPM036 Provision to vary the term of Panel Members Approved 28 January 2021
CPM044 Management of the Ofwat Innovation Fund Approved 17 November 2021
CP0001 Customer Protection Code of Practice Change Proposal Approved 28 February 2019
CP0002 Enabling Microbusiness Customers to orally conclude contracts Approved 13 June 2019
CP0003  Customer Protection Code of Practice Change Proposal Approved 6 September 2019
CP0004 Customer Protection Code of Practice Change Proposal  Rejected
CP0006 Customer protection measures during Covid-19 pandemic Approved 8 April 2020
CP0007 Amendment to customer protection measures during Covid-19 pandemic Approved 1 June 2020
CP0008 Internal Meter Reads in the business retail market: Customer Protection Change Proposal Approved with amendments 26 March 2021
CP0009 Proposal to amend a Customer Protection Code Change Proposal Approved 21 December 2020
CP0010 Customer Protection Code of Practice Change Proposal  Approved 20 April 2022
CP0011 Customer Protection Code of Practice Change Proposal  Rejected
CP0012 CPCoP Tranche 1 changes Approved 1 March 2024

*CPW14 and CPW22 have had their implementation date amended

**CPW028 and CPW033 have had their implementation date amended

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